I love March. There's always a sense of child-like excitement when you know, just know, you're about to be spoilt rotten by a riot of colour, scent and magic as nature starts to emerge from her deep slumber and dish out months of treats and delights. 

I've already planted some seeds in my green house last month as I couldn't wait. I'm not quite sure if they will work, but hey, I can always plant more seeds. Everyone is muttering 'It's really lovely out there!' and today my son and I played outside, catching bubbles, squirting water pistols and racing cars down drain pipes. Spring really is here. 

I love being busy and I'm really excited to be designing and sourcing plants for three new clients. They've mainly asked me to help them source the right plants for new beds or borders and I'm looking forward to plant shopPING(!) at West Kington nursery over the next few weeks and getting my hands dirty! 

My biggest design challenge is for a large area of an established garden in Norfolk. It's a troubled spot, which bakes dry in the summer and the grass which currently is there always dies. The sand is very free draining and not very fertile, plus a few cheeky tree roots from the bank of firs sap most of the water away. So I'm going for a simply planting scheme, combining Verbascums, Fox gloves, Salvias, Grasses, Cornflowers, Euphorbia and Lavender to create a naturalised, yet beautiful border with a birch lined walk way leading to a seated area and on to a secret woodland hideout. I'm also enjoying the Garden Planner software designed by ShootGardening and seeing my ideas come to life.

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold. When it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. Charles Dickens