Over the past few months I've been fortunate to volunteer along side Head Gardener, Eliza at the Luxury Family Hotel Woolley Grange, in Wiltshire. I decided that the best way to increase my knowledge of design and gardening is to learn from the best. Eliza is bursting with creative ideas and happy to share her knowledge and gardening tips with me, which is brilliant. I've learnt to how to look for pesky bind weed roots when dividing Iris's, transplanted seedlings from borders, planted up veggies and so much more. 

It's a real privilege to spend time in Woolley's beautiful gardens and I also hope to be able to get the chance to design aspects of some of the planned borders and suggest ideas of plants around the alfresco dining area. So come rain, or shine I hope to continue to volunteer alongside Eliza and soak up as much gardening knowledge as I can, whilst my son does the fantastic Woolley Sheep trail!

Big thank you to Eliza for all your guidance and laughs.