It took us a long time to make the decision to 'up sticks' and literally move to the sticks! But late last year saw us head 200 miles east to West Norfolk. Our new woodland home backs on to nearly one thousand acres of woodland managed by the Forest Commission. Perfect for walks, bike rides, horse riding, king fisher spotting and runs... we just need to get a dog now and we'll be set. Or perhaps a baby panda to help keep the huge clump of black 15 year old bamboo ( Phyllostachys Nigra) we have growing in check...

We've inherited a lovely south facing garden that whilst it's sadly been neglected for the past ten years, there's a framework of a loved initial design that the first original owners had implemented. I gather she was a garden designer and you can tell. We keep unearthing interesting things, like the forgotten veg garden beds and this Spring we've been dazzled by a carpet of beautiful primroses. I am really looking forward to breathing life and love back into the garden, and add my own design twists to make it a beautiful family garden to enjoy. I have plans to create a secret play area for our son and baby brew #2, complete with treehouse platform, sunken trampoline and grassy slide. To introduce and shape new borders and resurrect the veg patch. Of course, we've bigger dreams to build a proper treehouse where people who want to escape to the woods can come and stay. But all in good time. 

For now, I'm sharpening my pencils and brainstorming all the possibilities that might evolve into our new woodland wonderland.

Oh, and did I mention we're a hop, skip and a pedal away from the beautiful norfolk coast line!

Hunstanton Beach